Sometimes, I get special requests from people that do not live anywhere near me. They see my dog themed designs on Zazzle and wonder if I can put their own pet into my designs. So even though I did not photograph their pet/s, with a few instructions, I can work with photos they supply to me. Feel free to contact me if you would like me to customize a design for you.

June 7, 2014

Hi, Renae!

It's Ellen K. over in Bettendorf! I just picked up Vinnie at the groomer yesterday and I found out to my absolute horror that you're not there! Is there anyway you will be coming to take pictures at all?! What about my Halloween and Christmas cards?! Very very upset! I need you! We call you the Dog Whisperer! You're the only one who can take his picture!

Hope all is well,


May 28, 2014

Hi Renae,

Do you remember me? I'm  the customer who had quite a bit of trouble opening the link-duh.  I just wanted to tell you how much my Brother Tom enjoyed his card!  It was his 57th b'day yesterday & he thought it was so creative with a wonderful personal touch! We did good didn't we-LOL! Thanks again Renae, & I Iook forward in ordering more of your great designs in the near future. Take care now..........

                              Warm regards

                                   Kathie S.


Please note photos shown in the card are stock photos and not the ones Kathie S. uploaded into her card.

February 23, 2014

Request to create address labels from portraits taken 5 years ago.



Thanks so much for link, and replying so fast. We always laugh when we look at your sites and see our dog on the t-shirts and cups and other stuff. (I have a mouse pad and cup and other stuff) Like he is a celebrity. ha ha. So I did order the address labels. Buddy is six last week and still pretty wild.

Thanks for taking his picture at the Meyers Landscaping some five years ago.

Roger T. - Orion, IL

February 16, 2014


I LOVE getting special requests and am so honored to have created the following for a young man's most special day - his Bar Mitzvah. Rebecca, the young man's mother, asked if I could place their two dogs into my Star of David design so that bother her son and her husband could wear them on that day.


Rebecca supplied me with several high resolution photos for which we picked two of the best ones. With the help of my digital darkroom magic, I was able to extract the dogs from the photos supplied, do a little image correction and placed them into my design.


These are the original photos supplied to me.

From Rebecca G.


Please, use anything I have said for your testimonials.  I was not just pleased with your work, I was excited.  Planning a bar mitzvah is very stressful.  You want everything to go smoothly.  I was not sure what was going to happen when I emailed you through zazzle to see if you would be able to put our hounds on ties for my son and husband for my sons bar mitzvah.    I told my son, be prepared to pick another tie out, however, he did not have to settle.  You returned my email immediately, told us what we needed to do on our end with very clear step by step instructions.  The best part, as if all your email help was not enough, you called me to discuss the pictures and ties, what a great personal touch for your customers.

We are thrilled with your work.  The ties we have just ordered are perfect.  I love that you took the time to hear our wants and that you were able to create something that my son cannot wait to use on his very special day.  


I will definitely send you a picture when we get the ties. I will call it a early dress rehearsal.   It will be a great way to make sure everything fits.


Rebecca G. - Roswell, Georgia

June 10, 2012

Just in Time for Father's Day - Another Custom Request


Meet Corona and Tebow. They are a couple of very good looking Golden Retrievers owned by Monica K. located in Aurora, Colorado. The cream colored Golden Retriever is Tebow. He just turned one year old. Corona is th 4 1/2 year old female. Monica's request was to take her two photos and try to combine them into my Stone Paws Father's Day design.


Here are the two photos she provided:

After extracting them from their photos, I was able to create three versions. One of each dog by themselves and then a combined one.

Hopefully Monica will be pleased with the results!



I just received this testimonial from Monica that she has so generously allowed me to post here!

"This was my first purchase from Greeting Card Universe and I was totally satisfied. My customized Father's Day Stone Paws card was a huge success with my husband -- he absolutely loved it! With my very busy schedule, I completely forgot about Father's Day until the week before. After doing some research online, I stumbled over Greeting Card Universe and came across Frankz Paw Printz, sent in a photo of my two Golden Retrievers, and was truly amazed at the result of a perfect, gorgeous, high quality card delivered just in time for Father's Day! I am very impressed with my experience and am sure to purchase more items in the future, and will recommend to my friends."

I also rated my entire purchase experience with 5 stars!
Monica K.

Zazzle products with these Goldens can be found at the following links

June 7, 2012

Custom Request to Put Rottweiler Named Harley into My Father's Day Stone Paws Design


Just in time for Father's Day, I just received a request from Melissa B to put her 1 1/2 year old handsome Rottweiler "Harley" into my Stone Paws design. Here is her photo she sent me of her dog. 

Once I extracted him from the photo, I was able to insert him into this design.


Harley looks so good in this design ensuring that his image will be added into other holidays. There are over 800 products in my Zazzle store with this Rottweiler's image. This design has almost 100 dogs available. Click on over to check them out and if you don't see your favorite dog breed or if you would like your own dog in one of my designs, just contact me. I'll be happy to make it happen.  







UPDATE with Testimonial from Harley's owner Melissa B.


Hi Renae,


Thank you so much!  I think the design came out great and my husband is going to love his card.  In the future I am sure I will order some other items with Harley's image on it.  Your service was fast and returned an awesome finished product.  I will certainly recommend your store.


Melissa B.


August 13, 2011

Wonderful Testimonial Letter from Dallas

I just received this wonderful letter from a lady that I shared a few emails with a while ago that went ahead and purchased a Pitbull MOM T-shirt. I asked her if I could share her letter and she agreed. She is the owner of a beautiful Pitbull named Chanel. 



This is Mila from Dallas. I don't know if you remember me, we talked a while ago about PitBull t-shirt. You even asked me to send you high resolution photo of Chanel for the cards (I hope we can still do it?)

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the t-shirt "PitBull MOM" that I received and liked a lot. I wore it today when took my baby to the "Dogs Rule Resort". You will not believe how many complements we got. When she was finally taken to the playground and I stayed to discuss a few things, I got so many questions about my t-shirt starting from where I got it, of course. At some point there were 4 people standing staring at my breasts writing your info down from it. I said if someone saw them looking at my chest that close, they would never guess what was going on.


That was not even all of it. After that there was a gas station, Walgreens, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus! Everybody was writing down info right from my breasts. 


When I told my husband what happened and that I never thought wearing t-shirt could bring this much noise, he said "look at you, you tall, blond, wearing cool jeans with holes and embroidery, high heels, even threw that pearl choker with the earrings in the mix, what can I say, you model it well and women want to wear that too!" ...they probably love the look with all your accessories, that makes that t-shirt that much cuter and dressier. I placed pink rhinestones on the paw prints to make it look dressier a little.


One lady asked "...and they sell it like this with the rhinestones?" I said no, that was my touch, but they look great without it, plus when you wear seat belt some of them pill off, unless they are secured in in metal settings. I just did it for a short time.

At Neiman Marcus one lady said "you don't look like someone who would be into PitBulls" when I asked her what I looked like, she said like one of those girls carrying a Pomeranian around or a Shih Tzu. I laughed and said that I was a strong breed girl, love big strong men and strong dogs.


Anyways, I think you will be getting more buyers from Dallas. I don't know when they will be jumping their computers, but I know they were pulling me today in every direction. We are going out of town next week and I am wearing it again, this time with my cool pink crystal necklace and earrings :-)


I was shocked that XL fit me fine when every piece of my clothing is M!


I am so glad I went two sizes up.


Hope you can still make Chanel a model when I send you her picture?


Remind me again, does it have to be studio made or can it be done by us?

Thank you again,

Have a great weekend, Mila

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