Studio Sessions are $50.00 per pet per theme. You can add an additional pet for $15.00. Your session will include either 2-5x7s (one pose) or 1-8x10. You will also receive your very own custom phone app that will contain some of your best shots that you will be able to share with friends and family. I am able to print out additional sheets for $25.00 each. These photos will always be available in my Photo Gallery and if you do order from the online Photo Gallery, your photos will be printed by a professional photography printer and then shipped to you. I will also choose my favorite photo and place it into my Zazzle site where you will find hundreds of products with your pet's portrait. These will also always be available to you should you need gifts of any kind.

I have many backdrops for many holidays, including:

The typical photo shoot will last approximately one hour...sometimes two... we will meet you and your furbaby at the location of your choice (beach, home, dog park, etc.) We like to spend a bit of time at the beginning getting to know your pet. It helps us to get a sense of their personality and it gives them a chance to play and get comfortable with the camera. From there, we will take some pictures and have some fun!


  • Session fee is $250.00 for one furbaby
    • You will get one 8x10 or two 5x7s (same pose) or nine wallets (same pose) (your choice, your chosen favorite image) from the shoot
  • Any extra furbabies will add $20.00 each
  • Includes custom phone app with some of your best photos from your session to share with friends and family
  • Online photo gallery
  • Over 200 gift products created using your favorite portrait
  • Payment for sessions is due on reservation
  • Credit Card, Cash or PayPal accepted

Note: please bear in mind that factored into the price of every print is the photographer's time in the 'digital darkroom'.  The kind of attention to detail and overall working of each image that Frankz Paw Printz photography ultimately chooses to offer up for printing requires experienced and extensive amounts of time.


Check here for more FAQs.

Very often we are scheduled at various events taking place around the city. At these events, we set up a seasonal backdrop where we can photograph your pet in a unique setting. After the event is over, the photographs will be cropped and gone over in our digital darkroom. They are then placed into our Photo Gallery where at your leisure, you can view all the photos, choose your favorites and purchase prints. These photographs will be printed at a professional photographers lab and shipped directly to you. If you look further there is even a gifts tag that you can click on. This will allow you to take any of your photos and turn them into keychains, mugs, puzzles...etc.


Once the photos have been uploaded, I will usually take my favorite of each dog (if time allows) and turn them into products within my Zazzle store. If you jump over there to look, you'll see tons of great items! To see your dog's items go to Zazzle then on the home page look on the right side navigation ... scroll down to events and click on events. You'll see it open up to reveal the events we have done. Click on the event you attended ... once again, you'll see it open up to reveal dogs' names and breeds. Click on your dog's name to see the products made from your pet's photo. Sometimes, we will use more than one photo of your pet, if that is the case, when you clicked on your pet's name, the navigation will open up once more to reveal the photographs used. You can then click on each one of those to see those individual items.


If for some reason you visit the Zazzle site and do not see your pet's name, contact me through the link above and let me know you are interested. We'll jump you to the head of the line and then let you know once your pet's products are up.


If you are interested in seeing past events we have participated in, feel free to click on each of the following:


Teagarden Christmas 2013


RIACC and QC Paws Halloween Howls 2013


Poodle Day in Carmel 2010


Poodle Day in Carmel 2014


Poodle Day in Carmel 2015


Poodle Day in Carmel 2016


HSSC Doggie Easter Egg Hunt 2013



If you would like to be made aware of when we will be at events like these, please contact me using the contact link above.

We are strong supporters of non-profits in our community. If you have a 501(c)(3) non-profit (it doesn't have to be animal oriented) we are available for a pet portrait fundraiser. A portion of the sales made are donated back to the non-profit organization. Contact me through the link above to ensure that we have your time slot available. We will participate in anything from Dog Washes, Mutt Strutts, to pics with Santa....and pretty much everything in between. If you have an idea for a fundraiser...let us know.

Download My Portfolio Phone App to Share with Friends and Relatives

Click for larger view

From the beginning, I have grown this business through word-of-mouth referrals. I would  sincerely appreciate you downloading my Say Woof! Portfolio App, and using the built-in share button to share this photo app with your friends and family.


Please connect you Smartphone to Wi-Fi the first time you load it. Once it is fully downloaded, you will be able to open your app while offline. Open the email on your mobile device, and click on this link:

If you open the link for the first time, it works best if you do this while you have a Wi-Fi connection (because it’s faster to download the photos).

iPhone / iPad / iPod: Just follow the instructions once the app comes up.

Android phone and tablets:
1. Add the page with photos to your Bookmarks
2. Open the list of Bookmarks
3. Tap and hold the Bookmark with the photos
4. Select "Add to Home Screen"

And now you just click on the icon to view your favorite photos (and to show to others)! Once you've installed and viewed the entire album, your pictures will be viewable anytime with or without network connection.

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